The brand and the website, is a small news website, which gives you the best and the most well-written pieces of news from France. Our news is strictly based on the region of France. We wish to get the best of all the news to you first. Along with that, we hope to get you this news in the English language.

We have many visitors, and not all of them can speak and read French. Our segment of providing the French news in the English language will help non-native speakers and readers to enjoy uninterrupted services.

Our Team

Our team at is made of experienced and well-trained writers. These writers are capable of covering and writing all kinds of news, in both English language and French language.

Our Mission

Our primary aim is to educate and spread all kinds of true news among the people. With the internet and its popularity, you can never trust what you read online. But here at, we provide the best and the correct news to you. Be it in French or the English language; we write good material.

We also cover important events and conferences. Our team brings you all the information and the details of the important news, conferences, and events right to you.

Our Vision

We believe that an educated population is more powerful than an uneducated population. When you get all the right news, and you are up to date with all the happenings in your country, you have the power to do something about it. And we are giving you, your power to do something. We will bring you all kinds of news, be it political, environmental, sports, you name it, and we bring it to you.

Once you know what is happening in your country, you can participate in it and create change. You never know, you might be the spark needed to achieve something great?

Correct News

As discussed before, we do not curate negative or wrong news. We understand the meaning of right and wrong. Our vision is to empower the masses by bringing them all the information and news. We hope to educate and inform people and residents of what is truly happening.

It is All About You

We believe that a country and an economy can only grow with the participation of the population. Therefore, we bring you everything you will ever require.


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