Michael Schumacher’s Daughter Shows Off

Gina handles her horse expertly as it turns in sand in front of the crowds at the Eurexpo Expedition Centre in Lyon yesterday

Michael Schumacher’s daughter, Gina Schumacher participated in the NRHA European Derby in Lyon. Gina was dressed in the attire of a cowgirl, and wore a jeweled waistcoat; to top it off she even wore a hat. She rode a brown, white horse.

Gina Schumacher participated in the Euroexpo, which is held every year to test the agility and the maneuverability of the rider as well as the horse. This expo attracts many spectators from all over the world. Gina and her horse showed immense talent. She maneuvered her horse brilliantly and controlled the horse in sharp turns. The horse too was a talented one and showed promise.

Gina’s boyfriend Iain Bethke looks on as his girlfriend performs in the National Reining Horse Association European Derby yesterday

The entire crowd cheered the F1 champion’s daughter. Gina’s boyfriend and her mother were seen in the stands cheering on the rider. Following her father’s footsteps, Gina has been making a name for herself in many equestrian events. She has won many prizes and shows great talent for horse riding.

This event was a rare sighting of the family together. After the accident with the F1 racer in the year 2013, the racer has been absent from the tracks. The accident occurred during a skiing vacation. Michael had banged his head against a rock. Although he was wearing a helmet, he still suffered some damage.

Michael went into a coma after the accident and came out of it three months later. The doctors had to operate the racer to remove the blood clots.

During the race, Gina received huge support from the crowd. There were people who sported the banners for “TeamMichael” and “#KeepFighting.” She was a huge hit with the crowd. Her family was there to support the rider.

Hundreds of competitors are taking part in the competition, including riders from France, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden.

Gina was seen maneuvering her horse with a single hand multiple times. The daredevil rider beautifully steered her horse out of many dangerous and sharp turns and made a show of her capabilities. Gina’s boyfriend was seen helping her get off the horse. He was also seen helping her keeping her shoes in order.

The family has been silent about Michael’s health situation ever since the two lifesaving operations. Michael’s fan base has not dwindled, and fans are still hoping to see the racing legend back on his feet. Gina intends to keep riding and participating in more equestrian events.


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