France Unveils Anti-Radicalism Plans


France recently came up with yet another plan for taking proper and robust steps to stop the radical spread of Islam. The new plan to stop such radicalization is the third proposed idea by the French Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe.

France is at present experimenting with broad and new ways of stopping the extremist culture.

The country and its government are taking this issue seriously and are relentlessly trying to get rid of the problem. In the recent past, France had been a victim of the IS terrorist attacks.

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Édouard Philippe

According to the Prime Minister, they will be focusing their efforts in the suburbs especially. This step is the third such proposal. The country has had a death toll of over 240 people in the past three years as the victims of terror attacks.

To halt the spread of extremist culture, the Prime Minister suggested that they will be establishing new wings for their prisons. These newly established prisons will house the extremists and the returned jihadists. From here, the government will steadily plan and help these prisoners before introducing them to the society again.

Furthermore, at present, the country has 1,139 prisoners who have been said to be radicalized and another 512 prisoners serving time. Furthermore, the government will begin setting up three centers across the country to review the Islam schools, which will help in curbing the danger of extremist culture.

Muriel Domenach

On this note, Muriel Domenach, the secretary general of the CIPDR, says that this method is one of the first methods which will effectively eliminate the problem of radicalization. Additionally, she added that social safety was not enough to battle the threat of radicalization.

The country is all set on setting up various centers for the scrutiny of the Islam schools. However, it is worth mentioning that the French government established a center in the previous year. But the center shut down before a year had elapsed.

However, things seem to be working differently this time around.

The Prime Minister and his team are planning on eliminating the issue right from the very root.

Furthermore, many centers have been set that provide psychological care for the children of returning jihadists.

Most of these children are below the age of thirteen. The government has imposed a tighter regime for scrutiny and regulations on the Islamic schools, which are growing in numbers. Furthermore, the government has been investing in the process of imparting students with the knowledge of separating fact from fiction spewed on the internet.

Along with this, the government has been training teachers with the knowledge of identifying the early signs of radicalization which will help them tackle the problem before it even arises.


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