French Air-Traffic Strike Grounds 100000 Travelers Across Europe


Earlier in the month of October in 2017, French Air went on a strike. Hundreds of flights all across Europe were canceled or landed. The estimated number of 100000 travelers across Europe was grounded due to the Air Strikes. The strike discontinued many flights from to and fro France and caused a huge commotion at the airports.

The French employees went on a strike against the reform policies for new labor reforms. President Macron has recently changed the policies and intends to make more changes. The masses weren’t pleased with the president’s choice and therefore decided to go on a strike.

About three out of ten flights had been canceled. Ryanair, the biggest budget airlines in Europe, canceled two hundred and twenty-two flights affecting about forty thousand passengers. Due to the strike many passengers had to elongate their journeys, which created, even more, commotion and congestion at the airlines. Along with this, the airlines in the UK also had a bad time with these strikes. Many connecting terminals in the UK had to be axed due to the air strike in France.

Many flights during this time had been canceled, while the other flights were heavily delayed. A spokesperson for Ryanair said that they were immensely sorry for the inconvenience caused due to the unjustified air strike by the French. The airline even offered the option of refund and rebooking to their customers as a gesture of their apology. Along with this, they sent out emails and text messages to inform their customers of the inconvenience.

This air strike was the seventh air strike in France. Until 2005 there had been five air strikes. This year’s strike, the seventh one of its kind is said to have made a significant impact on the French air traffic. This strike is bound to leave a mark as this was one of the biggest strikes the country had ever seen. Along with affecting many passengers, the strike forced many airlines to cut their air traffic to a third of what they actually had. The airlines were forced to cut off their flights and delay many others.

A huge number of passenger’s and their businesses were affected due to the strike. An online petition was launched for protection against these uncalled for strikes. The airlines, such as the Ryanair, offered their deepest regrets to their customers. The airlines were not liable to refund the money of their customers or compensate them in any other mode. But some airlines gave free meals and other accommodation services to their customers. On the other hand, Ryanair, which suffered the most significant loss, offered to refund the customer’s money as well allowed them to rebook their tickets.

Many airlines sustained heavy losses, and many terminals were overcrowded due to the French strikes.


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