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France Unveils Anti-Radicalism Plans


France recently came up with yet another plan for taking proper and robust steps to stop the radical spread of Islam. The new plan to stop such radicalization is the third proposed idea by the French Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe.

France is at present experimenting with broad and new ways of stopping the extremist culture.

The country and its government are taking this issue seriously and are relentlessly trying to get rid of the problem. In the recent past, France had been a victim of the IS terrorist attacks.

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Édouard Philippe

According to the Prime Minister, they will be focusing their efforts in the suburbs especially. This step is the third such proposal. The country has had a death toll of over 240 people in the past three years as the victims of terror attacks.

To halt the spread of extremist culture, the Prime Minister suggested that they will be establishing new wings for their prisons. These newly established prisons will house the extremists and the returned jihadists. From here, the government will steadily plan and help these prisoners before introducing them to the society again.

Furthermore, at present, the country has 1,139 prisoners who have been said to be radicalized and another 512 prisoners serving time. Furthermore, the government will begin setting up three centers across the country to review the Islam schools, which will help in curbing the danger of extremist culture.

Muriel Domenach

On this note, Muriel Domenach, the secretary general of the CIPDR, says that this method is one of the first methods which will effectively eliminate the problem of radicalization. Additionally, she added that social safety was not enough to battle the threat of radicalization.

The country is all set on setting up various centers for the scrutiny of the Islam schools. However, it is worth mentioning that the French government established a center in the previous year. But the center shut down before a year had elapsed.

However, things seem to be working differently this time around.

The Prime Minister and his team are planning on eliminating the issue right from the very root.

Furthermore, many centers have been set that provide psychological care for the children of returning jihadists.

Most of these children are below the age of thirteen. The government has imposed a tighter regime for scrutiny and regulations on the Islamic schools, which are growing in numbers. Furthermore, the government has been investing in the process of imparting students with the knowledge of separating fact from fiction spewed on the internet.

Along with this, the government has been training teachers with the knowledge of identifying the early signs of radicalization which will help them tackle the problem before it even arises.

The Pay Inequality Leads To French Women Working For “Free”


In this era of the 21st century where the most important and confidential topics include Fundamental Rights, Equality, Women Empowerment and their rights. Women have been suffering a lot in the history, to keep that in consideration, France is no less and has been implementing laws for the right of equality of women.

To reform the present and future, let’s just peek in the past of French women.


Historically, French women were extensively involved with domestic duties like cleaning, housekeeping, preparing meals and taking care of the family. This later extended to the upkeep of the farm, including livestock and crop harvesting. With the advent of industrial revolution in France, women started going to the factories and helpers and skilled labour. Women were often dependent on the financial support of their husbands, and therefore this did not include them. When French women gained the right to vote further changes to the status of women in France became apparent in 1944.

Progress needed to ensure women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in Europe.

Reproductive Rights And Health

In the second half of the 20th-century, women in France obtained many more reproductive rights. The Neuwirth Act of 1967 authorized contraception. The Veil Law of 1975 legalized abortion which gave them a sense of independence and freedom. The maternal mortality rate in France has now changed to 8.00 deaths/100,000 live births (as of 2010).

France condition for women was much better compared to other countries on subjects in feminism, domestic violence, and even their religion.

Today’s Scenario

A study based on Eurostat data revealed that in 2015 the gross hourly wage for women was 15.8 percent which was much lower than that of men. This calculates to French women working for free for 39.7 days if counted for a year.

Pay Inequality On The Rise

Hundreds of protestors gather at Paris’ place de la République to protest against the gender pay gap

In the year of 2016, feminist associations held several demonstrations in France to draw the attention of the people to the gender pay gap.

“We had the impression that people were just discovering this inequality,” Rebecca Amsellem, founder of Les Glorieuses, said to BFM Business, a French TV Channel.

Demonstrations for the same were also held last year on November 7th at 4:04 PM.

“Last year, we drew our statistics from the latest Eurostat figures available, which were based on salaries in 2010,” Amsellem told FRANCE 24. “We cannot say that this drop happened in one year – rather, it happened over five.”

Growing Awareness Of The Issue

With the success of last year’s campaign, the collective wants to launch a strike again this year. Besides pictures and a campaign on social networks, Les Glorieuses have launched a petition geared towards bringing about revolution.

“We want concrete progress that’s more efficient than the current system, and that would consist of fining companies that fail to respect pay equality,” Amsellem said.

Several measures have been designed by the collectives to address pay inequality which majorly includes asking companies to be transparent and rational about how much they pay women and men, introducing identical maternity and paternity leave, thereby creating an “equality certificate” that would be issued by the French state.

According to a study by the Concorde Foundation, a French think tank, establishing pay gender parity would generate €61.9 billion annually for the French economy.

Despite the potential benefits, full gender parity is not expected to materialize until 2234, according to a report from the World Economic Forum.

The inequality of the pay is the major issue and has sadly amounted to be concluded to the statement that French women would work for free. Awareness should be expanded and encouraged.

French Air-Traffic Strike Grounds 100000 Travelers Across Europe


Earlier in the month of October in 2017, French Air went on a strike. Hundreds of flights all across Europe were canceled or landed. The estimated number of 100000 travelers across Europe was grounded due to the Air Strikes. The strike discontinued many flights from to and fro France and caused a huge commotion at the airports.

The French employees went on a strike against the reform policies for new labor reforms. President Macron has recently changed the policies and intends to make more changes. The masses weren’t pleased with the president’s choice and therefore decided to go on a strike.

About three out of ten flights had been canceled. Ryanair, the biggest budget airlines in Europe, canceled two hundred and twenty-two flights affecting about forty thousand passengers. Due to the strike many passengers had to elongate their journeys, which created, even more, commotion and congestion at the airlines. Along with this, the airlines in the UK also had a bad time with these strikes. Many connecting terminals in the UK had to be axed due to the air strike in France.

Many flights during this time had been canceled, while the other flights were heavily delayed. A spokesperson for Ryanair said that they were immensely sorry for the inconvenience caused due to the unjustified air strike by the French. The airline even offered the option of refund and rebooking to their customers as a gesture of their apology. Along with this, they sent out emails and text messages to inform their customers of the inconvenience.

This air strike was the seventh air strike in France. Until 2005 there had been five air strikes. This year’s strike, the seventh one of its kind is said to have made a significant impact on the French air traffic. This strike is bound to leave a mark as this was one of the biggest strikes the country had ever seen. Along with affecting many passengers, the strike forced many airlines to cut their air traffic to a third of what they actually had. The airlines were forced to cut off their flights and delay many others.

A huge number of passenger’s and their businesses were affected due to the strike. An online petition was launched for protection against these uncalled for strikes. The airlines, such as the Ryanair, offered their deepest regrets to their customers. The airlines were not liable to refund the money of their customers or compensate them in any other mode. But some airlines gave free meals and other accommodation services to their customers. On the other hand, Ryanair, which suffered the most significant loss, offered to refund the customer’s money as well allowed them to rebook their tickets.

Many airlines sustained heavy losses, and many terminals were overcrowded due to the French strikes.

French President Obsessed With Project Macron


The French President Emmanuel Macron was a popular face among the crowds and masses. The president was loved and liked by all. But the Project Macron, which was a bid made by the President to make France and EU better seems to have worked against him.

President Macron’s official photo

The French President’s popularity saw a decline when he brought in newer reforms in the country within four months of his election as the president. The newer labor reforms, which seek to change the redundant growth of the country by eradicating many generous facilities enjoyed by the labor, did not sit well with the laborers and the workers in the country.

Macron has come with his own vision and an action plan to help the European Project. Macron gave a speech and told gave out his idea in a broader sense. Although his plans seem legit and good, the plan is vastly ambitious. The president himself said that they would need a huge budget to implement all the ideas he has for the project.

Along with this, the president had talked about implementing the “carbon tax.” A tax which will be imposed based on the carbon content of the fuels being burnt. This was proposed to support the idea of cleaner energy. Furthermore, the president spoke about reviving the Financial Transaction tax after keeping the rising migration in mind. His ideas aren’t new and have existed in talks over time. But the idea is a radical one and aims at the progression of both France and EU.

French President Emmanuel Macron in war of words with Polish government

However, this idea and plan were seen as an incredibly ambitious move by many other politicians. Some have even called the president arrogant, who is obsessed with this project. Mr. Laurent Wauquiez, the frontrunner for France’s conservative opposition, in an interview told the weekly Le Journal du Dimanche, which the French president did not love his country. The president only cared about himself and only himself.

Additionally, the frontrunner added that the President was so obsessed with this idea, that the president could not stand the contradictions made by the media on this topic. Along with this, there were others who seemed to believe that the president was obsessed with the idea of Project Macron.

Labour Protests Fail To Draw Large Crowds


The new French president is losing his popularity over the newer reforms he is bringing in. With his project Macron, he has lost many of his supporters and much of his popularity.

When he brought in the talks of project Macron, the president Emmanuel Macron, came off as ambitious and strong-minded. But his continuous endeavors to get his way with the project and his efforts to change the European Union did not sit well with many other politicians. Macron’s project aims to change how things work and aims to protect France and EU from outside threats.

Copies of French labour code are displayed on August 29, 2017 in Nantes, western France.

To tackle problems Macron changed many labor reforms. The change in these reforms agitated the French crowd and then began the mass strikes and protests. The seventh French Air Strike, which forced many airlines to cancel and delay their flights, was a result of these changes in the reforms. The damage caused by the air strike was extremely significant.

However, the other protests did not seem to gather a large crowd. With a lack of numbers in the protests, it appears that the protest has lost its steam. The protests, in the beginning, had gathered a large number of crowds, all of the workers demanding answers. But as time passed, the number slowly and gradually declined.

At a protest in Paris, the turnout of the number of people was estimated to be sixty thousand. But only twenty-five thousand showed up. In another area, the turnout crowd number was estimated only be of five thousand members.

Many activists are enraged with the small gatherings. They workers need to be heard at the place they are working to get the optimum results for both parties, one of the activists was heard stating. Another activist, Johann Le Saux a thirty-eight-year-old railway worker, said that he thought people of France needed to wake up and do something.

With two protest dates in France, the numbers failed to draw any attention. There were fewer and fewer people on the streets demanding for a change.

French President Emmanuel Macron signs documents on a new labour bill in his office at the Élysée Palace in Paris on September 22.

The president had used executive orders to get past the long parliamentary discussions, which would have delayed the enforcement of these labor reforms. The president chose the fast track method and said that it was to overcome the sluggish economy of France. Macron staked his popularity with the crowd with this decision. After fast-tracking this reform, Macron lost many of his supporters.

According to many other politicians, this reform should not have been implemented. They say that France’s unemployment rate is still at a little above nine percent. This reform will not do any good for the people and the workers of the country. The unemployment rate of France is twice of that in Britain or Germany.

Macron’s view on the changing of reforms was due to the generous and relaxed programs which allowed unemployed residents in France to live properly. According to his beliefs, these reforms needed immediate change as these reforms were one of the main reasons for the economy’s slow progress. A new bill, which was set to be signed by April, aimed to change those generous reforms.

The proposed change to the existing reforms has included many legal requirements for both employers and employees. The biggest problem with the change is that in case of dismissal the dismissed employee will only be paid the amount of money for three working months. Along with this change in the employment structure in certain areas. All of this led to mass protests all over the country.

Mixed Verdict By The French Court Causes Mixed Feelings Amongst Affected People


On The Trial Of The Brother Of Mohammed Merah In Paris

The brother of Mohammed, Abdelkader Merah, was accused of helping out the murderers. Mohammed killed children and teachers at a Jewish school which was alarmingly shocking for mankind. One soldier and two of his colleagues were also shot dead. The incident was marked as the first wave of attacks in France which was executed by homegrown Islamic extremists.

Eric Dupond-Moretti, lawyer of Abdelkader Merah, speaks to journalists at the Paris courthouse

Lawyers and families and friends have varied feelings about the verdict in fatal Islamic extremist attacks on a Jewish school that stunned everybody to breathe freeze.

A French court convicted Abdelkader Merah who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for terrorist activities but later found him not guilty of collaboration in his brother Mohammed’s killings.

The mother of one of the killed soldiers, Latifa Ibn Ziaten, cried at the verdict and expressed her regret that the court didn’t take extensive measures to clear the case thoroughly. She hopes that Abdelkader Merah thinks of the kinsmen of victims every night.

Simon Cohen, lawyer of the victims of the Ozar Hatorah school answers journalists’ questions, on October 2, 2017 in Paris court house, before the opening of the trial of Abdelkader Merah who stands accused of complicity in the series of shootings commited by his jihadist brother Mohamed in Toulouse and Montauban in 2012. Mohammed Merah killed three children and a teacher at a Jewish school in Toulouse, and three French paratroopers in two other attacks, before being killed himself on March 22 following a 32-hour police siege at his flat.

Lawyers for the victims were welcoming towards the court’s decision for handing Abdelkader the maximum sentence for criminal association with a terrorist enterprise. It feels like a partial victory to them.
The defense lawyer, Eric Dupond-Moretti, welcomed the court’s decision to absolve him of complicity as proof of the independence of the justice system. He says that Merah has been made a scapegoat for his brother.

A tense emotional trial was conducted after which Abdelkader Merah was sentenced to prison for 20 years by a Paris court.

The trial was the only opportunity for the vulnerable at the moment family members of victims to seek public justice as Mohammed Merah was already killed by the police.

Abdelkader Merah, now 35, has always denied helping Mohammed prepare for the deadly berserk but was accused of serving his brother. Mehar denied any sense of contact with his brother on the day or before the attack. He claimed that he was not in touch with his brother for quite a few months. The detectives investigated and came out with conclusions that Merah is right to some extent. The brothers truly have stayed out of contact, but shortly before the killing day, contact was made.

It has been a big issue and difficult period especially for the family of the students and teachers who innocently became a part of the rampage. Families wanted the terrorists to be punished. The encounter of Mohammed gave them a slight sense of satisfaction, if not completely. But when Abdelkader was found not guilty, disappointment could be easily seen on the faces of the relatives. The hoped and wished for the court to look into the matter deeply and make a decision that would give them justice.

The trial has caused mixed feelings for the people due to the mixed verdicts. It is expected to last for five weeks. About 50 witnesses and experts too would be listened too.

Michael Schumacher’s Daughter Shows Off


Michael Schumacher’s daughter, Gina Schumacher participated in the NRHA European Derby in Lyon. Gina was dressed in the attire of a cowgirl, and wore a jeweled waistcoat; to top it off she even wore a hat. She rode a brown, white horse.

Gina Schumacher participated in the Euroexpo, which is held every year to test the agility and the maneuverability of the rider as well as the horse. This expo attracts many spectators from all over the world. Gina and her horse showed immense talent. She maneuvered her horse brilliantly and controlled the horse in sharp turns. The horse too was a talented one and showed promise.

Gina’s boyfriend Iain Bethke looks on as his girlfriend performs in the National Reining Horse Association European Derby yesterday

The entire crowd cheered the F1 champion’s daughter. Gina’s boyfriend and her mother were seen in the stands cheering on the rider. Following her father’s footsteps, Gina has been making a name for herself in many equestrian events. She has won many prizes and shows great talent for horse riding.

This event was a rare sighting of the family together. After the accident with the F1 racer in the year 2013, the racer has been absent from the tracks. The accident occurred during a skiing vacation. Michael had banged his head against a rock. Although he was wearing a helmet, he still suffered some damage.

Michael went into a coma after the accident and came out of it three months later. The doctors had to operate the racer to remove the blood clots.

During the race, Gina received huge support from the crowd. There were people who sported the banners for “TeamMichael” and “#KeepFighting.” She was a huge hit with the crowd. Her family was there to support the rider.

Hundreds of competitors are taking part in the competition, including riders from France, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden.

Gina was seen maneuvering her horse with a single hand multiple times. The daredevil rider beautifully steered her horse out of many dangerous and sharp turns and made a show of her capabilities. Gina’s boyfriend was seen helping her get off the horse. He was also seen helping her keeping her shoes in order.

The family has been silent about Michael’s health situation ever since the two lifesaving operations. Michael’s fan base has not dwindled, and fans are still hoping to see the racing legend back on his feet. Gina intends to keep riding and participating in more equestrian events.


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